Whenever we are planning a vacation, we always think about the airfare if we are going to travel by air. It’s not cheap so all of us are trying to get the best deal we can to get our hands on the most affordable flights. Here are the top rules that should be followed so we can save a lot of money by getting the cheapest flight possible.

1. Don’t buy your tickets too late

Based on experience, the plane tickets increase dramatically during the last minute. It can go double the price so make sure you will not buy your tickets late. Others may say that buying the tickets at the last minute may let you get it for a bargain price. It is not true.

2. Don’t but the tickets too early

It is another myth when it comes to purchasing tickets. Buying it ahead of time like a few months before your flight will not be able to save you money. The price would still be high. However, there is a right timing for purchase. Buy your tickets at least a month or a few weeks before the flight because this is the time when the price starts to drop.

3. Choose the right time to fly

If you aspire to get the best deals and save an enormous amount of money, the timing of your flight should be perfect. Avoid travelling during the peak seasons. The prices of the airfare are high at this point. Even if you know the right time to buy the plane ticket, it would still cost you a significant amount of money.

4. Choose the day of your flight

As much as possible, always opt for a flight scheduled in the middle of the week. The prices are way lower. You can always check it in a comparison websites that if you check the flights for a week, Tuesday to Thursday always have the lowest price.

Follow the tips, and you should not have any problem with the prices of the place tickets. You will surely have some extra that you can use once you arrive at your destination.

Infographic source: cheapflights.co.uk
The Top 4 Rules To Follow To Get The Cheapest Flight